My Home, Sweet Home- Part 3

By now, I have decorated almost all the interior space of my new home. Next, I will do my backyard. I will post the two guest bedrooms and the study room photos in a separate part.

But today, I have decided to post pictures of my family room. This place was cluttered for months until, more recently, I bought that oversized beautiful sectional couch from Sam’s/Ashely store. I decorated the entire space, keeping the couch in mind. It was a bit impromptu, but now it looks like a boho chic/mountain/Arizona theme room.

Except for that rusty orange rocking chair, rug, wall decor space, cat tree, standing lamp, and bar chairs, all other items are again from Ashley’s Home Store/Sam Lavitz.

I preferred the convenience of proximity to my house, home delivery/assembly options, and the wide selection of their furniture over other stores. I ended up buying around 90-95% of items from them, and this is not a sponsored blog.

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures of this space. My cats are enjoying it, and how about you? What do you think? I may add a tv here later mounted on the wall. But for now, I am okay with it as it is.

My Home, Sweet Home- Part 2

It took a while since I wrote the first part of my new home decor journey because almost all my items this time were on backorders and it took around 4-6 months for some items to finally arrive.

So today, I will talk about how I decorated my master bedroom.

Never have I ever thought that I will buy a white-grey-rusty brown farmhouse-style bedroom set for myself. I almost always exclusively had brown bed sets in my past bedrooms.

I was looking for something exceptional this time. Especially, I was feeling a very old-school, rusty, lady-like vibe.

Except for the desk chair, wing-back chair, rug, and the Samsung tv, the rest were from Ashley/Sam’s Outlet. This post is not endorsed by them.

Following are the pictures of my bedroom. Do let me know how you feel about them:

A panoramic view of my master bedroom during the day
Close up view during the evening
Close up view during day time
A panoramic view of my master bedroom during the evening

My Kittens- Denali And Olympus

In 2016, I made a post about my brother’s cat Kora. I wanted to adopt Kora, but couldn’t do that due to personal issues.

So, long story short, in 2022, I have been able to buy my first single-family home, and ever since then, I have been on the hunt to adopt some pets, especially cats. I think I vaguely plan to be 4-5 cats and 1-2 dogs, mamma! I know I am crazy.

But for now, I have been able to adopt two beautiful kittens. They are a little over two months old at the time of writing this post, and their names are Denali and Olympus, respectively.

Denali is a Tabby/short hair mix female kitten, and Olympus is a Tuxedo/Shorthair mix male kitten.

When I first walked into the kitten room of that particular pet shelter, I saw Denali lying on her back in a cat tree. She was so small and cute, and her face was so beautiful and perfect. I started petting her, and she started sucking my thumb. And I saw my handsome boy Olympus playing along with other kittens and ultimately owning it like a tuxedo cat always does. I filled in applications for them and came later that week to pick them up after their vet visits.

On the first day, they napped in an Amazon box with a blanket and curled up in my bed at night. Later, when their cat tree arrived, they exclusively started sleeping there and forgot about their mom. Denali was initially picky about food, but I bought some fancy water and a food dispenser for them, and now she eats happily.

It’s been two weeks, and they are growing so fast. Hopefully, we will have more playmates for them. I have been told to keep my cats indoors. But making a catio or placing a cat house in my backyard peeps in my mind.

Do let me know what you guys think. But for now, enjoy some video clips and more pictures of these two little cutie pies.

A couple of weeks back, they were smaller in size when I got them home.

Focused on playing with their toys

Olympus- The Batman

Denali- The Pretty Lady

My Home, Sweet home! Part-1

My new home’s living+dining room

It’s been almost a year since I have written anything in my blog. I have been really busy with relocation, a new job, and purchasing a brand new home.

Most of my furniture items are on backorder, and they are still coming. But first, I have been able to put together a portion of my living-COM-dining area. Well, my home appraisal report included a map that shows that this space is a living plus dining room. I, initially, however, had planned to make it an extended living room. Then I realized while taking measurements why they called it living and dining and the one next to my kitchen area a “family room.” This space is ample but not big enough to hold a six-seater sofa set and a big sectional (as I planned initially). After a sofa set, it just leaves enough space to place a six-seater dining set. That’s it. Anything more than that would make the room look cluttered (which I hate).

So for my furniture shopping, I heavily relied on Ashley/Sam Lavitz furniture. This blog post is not sponsored by them. Except for the lamps, the side table, coffee tables, and dining table cloth sets (and the home security panel, of course), everything else is from Sam’s/Ashely’s.

I followed a dusty South-West traditional theme.

I may add some decorative curtains and definitely will add a large TV set in this space.

Let me know what you think of this room decoration.

I will post more room pictures as they are done.

When My Mind and My Heart Align

Oftentimes, it feels like my mind and my heart are in disagreement.

My mind is like a critical parent telling me what’s practical and what is doable.

My heart is like a child in a fantasy land which wants everything nice and pretty.

When I follow my mind, the little child inside me is not happy, it is constantly aching.

When I try to follow the child’s ideals, I fall on my face and bruise myself.

The rare moments happen when both the parent and the child agree on something.

It feels like the entire universe aligns for me when my mind and my heart align.

So now-a-days people call me picky and perfectionist, but I wait patiently for my mind and my heart’s agreement on things, as both the parent and the child must work together.

Indeed the grand vision of my life is fulfilled when every part of me is in harmony with one another.

We Will Meet Again

We will meet again.

We will meet again when the time is right.

And the universe has arranged it’s set-up so the stars align so bright.

I do believe that we crossed our paths for a reason.

We will meet when karma comes to a closed-loop, and God has made his decision.

The hardships of life have swamped me now, and I don’t know about you.

But we will meet again when we are meant to do.

Not sure what will happen then?

Will we hug each other like the long lost friends?

Will we live happily ever after then?

Or will that be again another end?

But have the patience for now, as I am sure when the time is right, we will meet again.

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How Can Our Designs Complete?

How Can Our Designs Match?

I keep hearing that matches are made in heaven.

But it seems like most of us waste our lives with miss-matches,

while our matches might be going through the same agony with someone else.

It would have been better if we were given some broken half birthmarks with intricate and unique designs so that we could search for our other halves easily.

We could post ads everywhere to find the right match for our incomplete designs.

The story of us finding our love could be like those cliche movie scenes where siblings separated at birth are met many years later matching their lockets.

The Power Of Visualization In Achieving Life Goals

I am one of the most effective people I know in my life. And that statement is not self-promotion. I pretty much achieve anything I put my mind (and heart) into.

I get asked all the time by my friends, family, peers, and even online how I study, manage my time or how do I focus on my goals, etc.

And  I have written a lot of things on my personal blog and Quora about Law Of Attraction, Mindfulness, Task Management techniques like making to-do-lists, etc all of which are excellent advice to make yourself on track to reach your goals.

Plus, you might as well have your very own technique. Besides, some people don’t like structure or a frame, they prefer flexibility and spontaneity. 

Some also talk about positive self-talk. There is nothing wrong with that. I am sure it might work for some people as well.

Every morning when you can wake-up, start your day by looking in the mirror and say things like, “I am great. Today is a great day and I will be successful, etc.” (Sorry I am not trying to sound cliche).

Except, there is something wrong with thinking about success and failure before realizing your goals. It creates polarity in your mind. Because you have defined what success means to you, you are stressing yourself, even more, trying to chase it, and therefore you never attempt it or follow through till the end because of the fear of failure and rejection.

So instead of all the popular common strategies (I mentioned above), we should initially “realize” the goal.

And the first step of that realization is “visualization” and trying to grasp or sense the final product or destination.

Do you wish to work in a certain position and at a certain company? Imagine yourself already doing that in your mind.

Do you wish to date someone, picture yourself with that person, and think how happy you would be with him/her?

Do you want to buy a home or start a business? Or go to a certain college for a certain major, or earn certain credentials? Picture yourself every day, all day long with such accomplishments while you take your next steps towards that dream.

And make that imagination as detailed as possible, i.e gather more data, learn more or research about the situation, person, position, environment, object, etc and so on. Study it, and think you are part of it and you are already acing it. Climb it, conquer it. And until you do it, don’t stop.

Anytime you cannot realize what outcome you are looking for you should take a pause and rethink to fix that first.

For example, I get asked this question all the time, even on Quora, how long one should study each day to prepare for an exam? Somehow 8-10 hours seems like an ideal number for many.

And I always tell people that studying for 8-10 hours is not the goal here. It is a step that is part of the process. The real goal here is to “show” mastery or prowess in a certain subject or topics in an exam which should lead to high scores. So no matter what you do as a technique, you should verify whether you are reaching the level of proficiency that you can prove in an exam in a given set of time or deadline. So practice, take mock tests, understand the topic well, do whatever you need to do, just do. The number of hours does not matter. It could be 5-6 hours a day instead of 8-10 if one is highly focused on studies without any distraction.

And I can go on and on with many other real-life examples. Visualizing the end goals helps you become more intuitive throughout the process of accomplishing them. You can navigate, make an adjustment, and optimize your process based on the outcome you are expecting.

The majority of the time after I am done picturing clearly what I want to do, I literally observe myself working and sailing towards it.

This is a combined process of Law Of Attraction (LOA) and mindfulness. When you decide what you need to do, you are already orienting yourself towards that.

Now, in the next parts, I will elaborate on how or what else I do to get something done. I will publish the next parts on my Patreon page.

So stay tuned.

Conquering Personal Demons (Patreon Content)

People die only once.

But the ones who battle depression and anxiety, experience little death each moment.

It feels as if I am standing alone late at night on a lonely platform with a ticket and a luggage in my hand to board the only train which just left me.

I stand there in the cold night, feeling lonely and hollow inside with despair.

I prepare myself to board the next train, and it arrives soon.

But that feeling of hollowness stays somewhere within, which I never want to relive ever in my life.

(To be continued……)


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Introducing My Patreon Page

“Ponkti” (পঙক্তি) is not my last name, it is actually my nickname. I just kept it as my last for various personal reasons and one of them is to show that I am a Bengali for those who can recognize.
Just like any proud Bengali parents, my dad nicknamed me Ponkti when I was born, which simply means “lines or quotes of poems”. Bengali people are into literature and poetry. Most of them love giving their children some poetic fancy names.
Fast forward, all these years I became quite the opposite of a poet-an an electrical and electronics engineer. Even in my leisure, I live and breathe everything related to technology and startups, and frequently love to talk about Jungian Cognitive Functions.
I am active on QuoraMedium, and my own personal WordPress blog.
My personal blog is where I write casually about whatever I want without any strings attached. I have been blogging since 2014. I have also been picked as Quora’s one of the top writers in 2018 (for God knows why), and even in real life, I have always been praised for my thoughts, writing, and speech.
Engineers (can and) do write well as well. I do my little part to break that stereotype each day.
I have decided to add a Patreon page for exclusively curated content for my paying viewers.
On a weekly basis, I plan to provide poetic words, short stories, personal opinions, video clips, and even more which might help you uplift yourself a little bit, or push you to think differently about a topic.
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