Do you control your dream or your dreams control you?

So my brother and I do a lot of nerdy talks. We were once discussing about “Lucid Dreaming”. In case if you do not know what lucid dream is- it is a dream where you are aware that you are in the dream state and you can even control your dream. Some people claim that they frequently have lucid dreams and they can pretty much do “anything” they want. Most common thing people do is “flying” in their lucid dreams.

My brother said that, once he was flying in a lucid dream. He was in the middle of a familiar road (that we grew up in our childhood). He said that he was walking on the isle/divider and he decided to fly in his dream. And as he was running he was taking off higher and higher, and could feel the friction of wind on his skin and cloth like you would feel when you sore in the sky. It happened only once and he wishes to do that everyday since it felt very therapeutic according to him.

Now after listening to this I also had a lucid dream one time where I felt like I was floating from one room to another in our apartment and I could even see my mom and myself sleeping on the bed. I felt very light when I was sort of flying from one door to another back and forth in my dreams. It happened when I was really tired, so my body went to sleep and my mind was still awake. But it kinda sounds creepy right? I still have a lot of dreams where I am completely aware that I am dreaming. But usually my dreams are a reflection of my thought process. I am a bit too realistic and rational. Subconsciously probably I get rid of the fantasy of flying, falling of the bridge etc.-simply because they don’t make much sense to me (because I know they are not possible), or rather scares me.

I had dreams before, where a tiger is chasing me and no matter where I try to escape and how far I go, it ends up appearing just in front of me. So within my dream I figured it out, I must be dreaming, otherwise this does not even seem possible. When I woke up in the morning I realized, I had that dream because I had exams and a lot of assignments to turn in on that same week. So I was stressed and that stress manifested itself into that kind of dream.

I also had pretty painful, sad dreams. At one time, I saw that I am having some heated argument with my mom as we are going somewhere at night in our car. Then I asked to stop the car and got off the car in the middle of a quiet, empty road. I was sobbing with tears. It felt very real. As I woke up, I found myself full of tears. I was in my dorm bed. I went home for a big break at that time. So during the break, one day as I was sleeping in my bed in our house, I saw my mom rushing to me in my room. She was hugging me and crying very loudly. It was early in the morning. I asked what happened and she replied that she had a dream, where she saw some people pushing me off from a building roof and I died. She was screaming to stop and by the time she went to the roof I was already dead. She said, “Is there some kind of problem? Do you want to talk about something? I sense there is some kind of gap between us and that is why I had that dream.” I told her about the dream that I had and I said that may be I am depressed and lonely in my new college life and we have not been able to discuss that a lot. Probably it is some sort of indication that we need to communicate more.

I can go on an on about my experience. I usually do not pay too much attention on these things because majority of the time I figure out possibly why I had certain dreams. Our subconscious mind wants to tell us something important about us when we dream. If we are stressed, happy, in love, going through some issues in life etc.- we tend to have dreams that are related to our situation. Even though sometimes they seem completely random and unrelated. This is just my take.

Few other things I noticed from my dreams, only the emotion reflected in the dream feels stronger but majority of the time the background and setup does not even make sense. Our mind just picks a familiar place from our memory for dreams. Sometimes I have also found myself controlling how the setup of the dream would be, that is because those were lucid dreams. Perhaps I woke up in the middle of a dream and still was thinking about it, went back to sleep and started seeing a continuation of that dream where now I was controlling my experience in my dream state. I once was walking in our house in my dream, one room of the house was leading to another room and balcony of other house that we lived in the past. My mind was putting two different places together subconsciously. It does not make much sense but in our dream all kind of bizarre things become our reality. Then all of a sudden there is this huge purple(!?) gecko came running towards me making loud thumping noise. I hate all kinds of reptiles. I was thinking eww, OMG! and was cringing with fear. Then suddenly I woke up. So when it is time to wake up, usually our dreams end up abruptly without finding any nice ending to it. From the movie “Inception” I learned to use the word “kick” in this case. So that running purple gecko was the kick, so I finally can wake up from my weird dream.

What do you think on this topic? Do you have some stories to share? Some people report or claim to have profoundly significant dreams that change their lives. Write in comments about your experience.


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