Dolores Barrios- Alien Woman!?

I wrote this post from a very subjective point of view. I am a skeptic for most UFO/ET BS. Although I write on a wide variety of topics, for some very weird reason, this is one of my most viewed articles on this blog-which tells me that there are far too many UFO/ET enthusiasts out there.

I have always been an uber-nerd and have been reading and taking part in space and “sciency” discussions for as long as I can remember. More recently I have been spending part of my spare time reading a lot of “space-related” theoretical physics and metaphysics topics. Now, this is a subject where only a few things have been scientifically proven and there is a wide majority of topics that need to be explored. And no matter how much more advanced or evolved we-human civilization becomes, we can just never have enough knowledge and discovery of this vast and ever-expanding universe. Because of that reason, there is way more garbage than true authentic information around the internet. The Internet is nowadays the mother of all knowledge. But that also means we sometimes care less about the credibility of the information presented, and more about the content.

Anyways, one of my interesting finds on the internet has been about life on other planets/etc. I will present more of these weird findings and my own opinion later. But today I am going to focus on this fascinating lady named Dolores Barrios. I was watching YouTube videos and found this commercial a few times about something called “Cosmic Disclosure: Gaia”. Probably you have seen it or will see it as an advertisement. There they are talking about Nordic Aliens’ secret civilization and “these” Nordic-looking beings while showing this lady-Dolores Barrios’ photo. I did not even know her name or where or how to find information about her at that point but her face stuck in my head. I thought, “OMG! Look at her. What a unique pretty face!” Her face seems very much human but there is something about her.


I have been reading and watching videos back and forth about Billy Meiers’ Case, Bashar by Darryl Anka, Betty and Bernie Hill and many many other alien contactees and abductees (perhaps I will discuss them later in my other posts as well). But as far as I have found, this whole UFO trend started around 1940-50s and continued to stay as a so-called “new age” hot topic up until the late 80’s or early ’90s. Since then, things have thwarted a bit for various global socio-political reasons.

But George Adamski is kind of like a pioneer (or one of the pioneers) in this UFO/Alien contacts/abduction case. He claimed to have contact with Venusians. This was not known back in the ’50s, but now we all know that Venus is an uninhabitable planet for us due to its close proximity to the sun and extreme environment (Click on this link for more info: Life on Venus). UFO-Undefined Flying Objects do not necessarily need to be alien spacecraft. That is what we think by default. Either Adamski himself was a con artist or those so-called Venusians were con artists pretending to be aliens. Or it might just be an arrangement between them to con people.

Adamski was presenting his case at this UFO conference back in 1954 in California, where this exotic looking lady along with two other men appeared in that event. Just search with her name “Dolores Barrios” on google and you will find enough information.  People have been scrutinizing her photos, postures, etc. (Check this link: Do you remember Dolores Barrios, the woman from the planet Venus??? ). The other two men are pretty normal looking IMO.

What is my take on this? I am very skeptical and I don’t believe just about anything without concrete evidence. Until this date, more of these UFO/ET related claims are, well, just claims. A lot of cosmology, astrology, spiritual concepts are mixed together with metaphysics and paranormal events in these types of claims which make this whole topic a hot mess. Sorry for my strong use of words! I don’t think this lady is Venusian or Nordic Alien or Pleiadian. She does have a very distinctive-almost pillar-shaped nose, her eyes are far apart and she has a broad forehead. She has absolutely beautiful- big eyes and nice fuller lips. The expression seems much more human and humble. If you search more about the typical feature of Nordic aliens, a lot of contactees claim some of these common physical traits (tall built, long nose, long face, far apart big eyes, big forehead, attractive looking etc, in majority of the suspects of the cases have luminous blue eyes and very pale skin and hair). But for me, she is just a beautiful lady. It seems like even an alien wears eyeliner and possibly fake eyelashes, eh! Some people around the internet (and also in the link that I provided above) pointed out from this standing pose picture below, that she is probably a male alien disguised as a female and they have presented their reasoning. But I think I have seen a lot of tall, athletic-looking ladies who don’t have very feminine figures but have beautiful faces.  I think most runway supermodels are tall and lanky. So it does not seem very odd to me.


If we really have to suspect all slightly unique looking individuals as aliens, then the presence of these alien beings is probably far too common among us than we think. That brings us to the next question, do we know where we are coming from? Are most of us aliens? I find all the claims about star-seeds total bullshit.

Tell me in the comment about your opinion on this lady. Also, if you are into Sci-Fi short stories about ET/Aliens/Star-beings/Pleiadians etc, check this out:

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9 thoughts on “Dolores Barrios- Alien Woman!?”

  1. Dolores Barrios, the Queen of Outer Space, is very much real and my friend. You can read all about our adventures together in tweaking the space-time continuum in any of my books: Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet; Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus or Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure. These are all published by of Terra Alta, WV, complete with all new photos of Dolores and I throughout the decades. The “Cosmic Ray” book has a photo of the Queen and I emerging from Dimension X after an accident in the Cyther Dome on Venus.
    From your celestial friend, “Cosmic Ray” Keller


  2. Take a zoom in her face a look the right eye what do you see? Now look her front cranial bone in her head what do you see? She have 5 lacrimal glands is not comon in humans but ….everything is possible


    1. Yes, even in the forum link which I provided, people are discussing how she seems to have double glands in her eyes. She does seem a bit unusual. But regardless, I don’t expect a whole humanoid being from a nearby uninhabitable planet. Some micro-organism from Venus makes more sense. Thanks for your feedback.


  3. I am convinced Adamski was right. Here’s why… ( I do not ask you to believe what I am saying here, just offer it for your consideration.)

    Our science is only aware of three physical forms of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. What we have not yet discovered is the level of physical matter above gas (even a higher vibration and just as invisible to us.). This form of physical matter is called “etheric” physical (per the Ageless Wisdom Teachings). Our scientists have finally discovered it, but they don’t know what it is. They call it “dark matter” and they say it is everywhere in cosmos. They are right.

    One must have etheric vision to see etheric physical matter and most of us don’t yet. The beginnings of etheric vision are those few who can see auras. Here’s the main part…
    Our planet is the only one that is just the right distance from the sun that we can have solid physical bodies (solid, liquid, gas) and not freeze to death or burn up. The rest of our planets have human life as well, but they are in etheric physical bodies. We cannot see them unless we have etheric vision, or if they temporarily lower the vibration of their bodies to solid physical. Then we can see them. That is how Dolores can be from Venus. There are no reptiles or one-eyed monsters out there. Just people.

    Their spaceships are also made of etheric physical matter. They are up there in the sky in the thousands all the time. But we can only see them when they lower the vibration of their craft temporarily to solid physical matter. So we only see them when they want us to. They do not want to scare us, so they are careful to whom they reveal themselves. This is what the Roswell spaceship and its occupants did. They lowered their vibration and crashed. It was a sacrifice made by them to let us know they are real. (Then of course our government covered it up, so their sacrifice was almost in vain.)

    This all makes sense to me, so that is why I say that Adamski was right about Dolores being a Venusian. It is my understanding that most of the spacecraft that visit Earth are from our two neighbors — Venus and Mars. There are human beings everywhere. That is what cosmos is all about.


    1. I see what you are saying but you are referring such life form as “human life”. But if one can change their vibration and shift through different dimensions then they are not considered a human being. According to another cultural perspective, such “beings” are considered a different species altogether. For example in, Islamic scripture Quran there is a mention of a similar being named “Jinn” or “Djinn” who are capable of changing their vibration and shift forms. They are also thought to be living on earth but on a different dimension than ours. They might as well live somewhere else too.

      As far as aliens are concerned, if you believe in Adam and Eve as the first human species than they came on earth from outside. So technically our ancestors are aliens too. So angels, demons, jinns and many other different forms of “beings” can be considered ETs/aliens as well.

      But the whole argument is that in a three-dimensional physical form Venus does not have the capacity to habitat human species like us. I don’t know what there is in Venus in other dimensions. Was Adamski visited by some other types of alien “beings”? And that is too in some disk-like spaceships? Who knows? But he definitely had a very creative mind to make up stories.


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