Dream- A Love Story (Part 1)

Tina is sitting in her office desk, still thinking about the dream she had today in the morning. It was erotic and romantic. She still is in a doubt whether it was a dream or she woke up from a parallel reality. Because it felt so real.

Jim asked Tina to come to the table where they are doing pair programming for their project. Jim is pointing at Lina’s screen with his left hand to suggest something. Tina noticed that Jim didn’t wear his wedding ring today. Did he forget? Or did he intentionally leave it  at home and is trying to show off now?

Jim asked Tina if she wants to grab lunch somewhere. It is his casual way of asking out for lunch.

Jim, while driving asked, “What are you doing for the weekend?”

Lina replied, “Ummm… haven’t thought about it. And you?” She looked at Jim.

He seemed slightly shocked and said, “Me…?”

After a pause he mumbled to himself, “Ummm…I will spend time with my wife and kid..Oh and I will work to fix my cars.”

Then he continued talking about cars, while Tina thought what that pause was about. Did he think Tina would ask him out for the weekend? Or did he want to do that but changed his mind, because it is not right?

They sat on a restaurant table. There were few seconds of silence when they exchanged looks. Something was in that moment which is indescribable. Jim wore his sun glass afterwards complaining about sun light but perhaps he wanted to avoid eye contacts.

Lina poked fun at him saying, he is a vampire.

She said, “Hey do you drink blood from blood banks or do you actually attack people?”

Jim said with sarcasm, ” You completely read me Lina! I actually do both. My weekend activity includes attacking people.”

The conversation did not seem that light and fun like the other days. There were few moments of awkward meaningful silence.

Tina is thinking, does Jim have telepathy? Does he know what she dreamed about this morning? Why is he acting a bit distant?

Tina saw in her dream that Jim is making love to her. The whole background seemed like an old European house, even the glimpse of scenery from the window seemed like a South Italian landscape with colorful houses and gorgeous mountains in the horizon. She still remembers all the details of that place and those sensual moments from that dream. It was so vivid! And Jim’s heavy breathing on her skin!? She is getting goosebumps just by recalling those moments.

Tina must get over this. She thought to herself, “I must stop thinking about him, for the sake of both of us.”

Next part- Dream- A Connection (Part 2)

(Picture courtesy: Aenaluk)



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