The World Will End- An Environmental Warning

Anything that has a beginning also has an end. Just like we will all die, our world will also end someday. This is not a new information, we already know it. People seem very optimistic or some even don’t care about the fate of our world. But the way things are going (environmental disaster, political corruption, war and terror etc), if it continues at the same pace, Earth will become uninhabitable within 200 to 400 years at maximum. Probably earth and the whole universe won’t be destroyed within the next few centuries. But due to earth’s non-sustainability, part of  human civilization will have to move somewhere else in the search of a better home. But it will never be the same as earth.

No matter how advanced we become in technology, we cannot stop natural disaster from happening. But with careful steps (admitting already a lot of damage has been done) we can “deter” this from happening. Know that the “200/400 years maximum” time frame is not a prophecy, it is just a prediction which I want it to go wrong by all means. If we damage mother Earth, she knows how to take revenge by rebelling. And there is nothing much we can do about it. We have already done some irreparable damage. Our political leaders and economic/social elites have put our environment in danger for their own personal profit. But what we don’t understand that we will all die and we cannot take money to our graves. The only thing that we take with us is the memory of how we felt in our lives.

We can act as much oblivion as we want, but that will make things worse not better.

If you want to be part of this environment sustaining movement, watch this powerful documentary of Leonardo DiCaprio. It is called Before the Flood. Please share and let this movement grow.

Now I did talk about Parallel Reality in one of my posts. I feel like some people use it as a escape from the real problems we have on our Earth.  There are many useless things in the media just to drive us away and wrap our heads around in pretense as if everything is fine with this world.

I have been using the term “collective consciousness” for few days now, as well as many spiritually conscious people use it quite often. What does it mean really?

I also wrote about Law of Attraction which is a method of attracting positivity in an individual’s life through positive thinking. Now I would like to describe collective consciousness as a law of attraction for us as a society, as a civilization and not just as an individual.

But does thinking positively mean pretending as if problems don’t exist? When my brother and I were young, we would scream, hide and close our eyes whenever we would see a flying cockroach. We used to pretend for a while that it did not exist while it was flying in front of us. Whether for fear of our lives or our loved ones, we have learned since the childhood how to ignore problems and how to be a conformist to the society.

So along with our collective consciousness as humans of this world, we have to take “actions” to shift from the negativity that is destroying this world very soon. Just thinking positively won’t be enough. While I am a skeptic to the concept of parallel realities and I don’t want to use ten other fancy terms to divert our current situations, I do believe in the power of strong will and determination. But to achieve that deterministic approach, we must resonate in the same vibe, same frequency. And that frequency is also known as love and kindness for one another. We need to believe in the same causes that is destroying our world, we have to acknowledge our problems and we must take actions together.




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