Thought of The Night- Love?

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9:00 PM

What is the topic for tonight? Today I am not going to talk about some highly intellectual topic but rather about a very staple one. It is called love. Sure, there are all kinds of love in this universe. But I would rather focus on the age-old traditional “romantic love”.

I ain’t no love guru.That also brings the question, are all love gurus themselves successful in their love life? In fact, I still have a long way to go in this matter. I am single and in my late 20’s. I grew up seeing my closed ones being separated and getting re-married, then separated again and so on. A lot of my friend circles are ending up in divorce after spending a lot of money in their weddings. Really, how can you predict who you will be happy with and who you will not?

The definition of happiness differs from person to person. I once saw a quote from a famous author that, it is better to have a crazy insane romantic relationship for just 4-5 years than compromising with a person (that you don’t like) for the rest of your life.

Yeah, but everyone by default thinks about eternal relationship- a “happily forever after” kind, although this might sound like a fairy tale now-a-days.

What is the definition of love for you? Lust, loyalty, mutual respect, friendship, affection? Or a mix of everything? If after many years you find a person who seems very compatible-as if you were made for each other-but one or both of you are married to different people now. Will you take the risk to jeopardize your current relationship and move with that person? Should we listen to society and family or should we listen to our needs? And how do you measure compatibility?

Some say, “learn to compromise” while other say, “sign for a prenup before marriage”. They all are giving advice from their own perspective. They all think- a woman must learn to compromise and if she is way out of league for many people, it is highly unlikely that she would find a (financially and intellectually) compatible partner.

What is more practical? To accept the possible failure before starting a new relationship? What is the point of a relationship when two people cannot stand for each other both in their good and bad times?

I always ended up finding my own path and own answers with trials and error. But that is also because I was never afraid to take risks. But love life is something which I cannot take risk at.  I am scared to see what is going around. I cannot do anything well which goes against my will. How can I live my life with a person that I don’t love and who does not love me?

What should I do? Where should I get started? Leave your comment below.



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