CoffeeAddict?? What kind of name is that?

I-scream-you scream, we all-scream for….COFFEE!!

First of all, TGIF folks! At my job every other Friday is off. Today is that Friday. Great work life balance,ha!? (Gloating with pride for many other reasons….)

Anyway, so if you have been reading some of my posts (there is another straightforward hint besides posts) you do know my real name. But why did I particularly pick this name for my gravatar-CoffeeAddict? I do love coffee, which is the most obvious reason. Even now as I am writing I am drinking coffee.

I could pick 10 other names like-

CatLady (I love fluffy cats),

BatLady(just rhyming),

Foodie (I LIVE for food),

GeekWoman(I am a science nerd, it is apparent from some of my posts),

WomanEngineer (My profession),

Artsy(once upon a time I was, still a little bit) etc.

But knowing that I can switch my name at any moment, for now I had decided to keep a unisex name. I did not want to over-think it.There are a few things in life which are vital for me to sustain and coffee is one of them. I do write about STEM career and academic advice & tips somewhere else. But I use this blog just to breathe. Although occasionally here too, I share personal development tips. But they are different because they are derived from my own personal experience. Everyone needs a niche where they can just relax and write for themselves and not for others. Hence, the name of my blog is-My World. A place where I can write anything and everything as my mind pleases while taking a sip from my warm coffee.

EDIT: recently I started a YouTube Channel where I share motivational content:

So all you grammar police, poets and literature gurus out there-peace out! Cheers!


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I love my coffee, WiFi, laptop, phone, and internet. I can pretty much win the world with them. I write stuff which are easy to read and which is direct and to-the-point in meaning. I believe in simplicity and originality. I am an electronics engineer in real life. This is my personal space to write. I pursue writing as one of my many other hobbies. Check out my Patreon Page for more exclusive content: Follow me on Quora:

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