Dream- A Connection (Part 2)

(Read last episode: Dream- A Love Story (Part 1))

Jim is driving his favorite classic car. It is a red Buick Skylark convertible.  Tina is sitting next to him. They are driving through a scenic route, at one side there are green mountains with colorful houses and on the other side is the ocean. They have decided to stop by the ocean to observe the beautiful sunset.

Right now they both are sitting close to each other on the beach. A gentle ocean breeze is passing them. Tina’s hair is blowing in the wind and the reddish rays of the sun is lighting up her face. She is looking splendid.

It almost felt like an eternity in quietness. Then Jim noticed a guy nearby staring at Tina. He dragged Lina even closer to him.

Tina noticed it and Jim said, “I don’t like anyone staring at you.”

Tina said, “Awww…..” and she kissed Jim.

Just at this point the dream broke and Jim got up on his bed. He saw his wife next to him sleeping. Then he got up to check on his son in the next room who is 8 months old. He assured himself that this is the reality while what he just saw was a mere dream. He found it hard to convince himself that this is not true.

Today is Sunday and Jim is working on his cars in his garage. Tina once told him a joke about a guy who had been working on his car just like Jim.One day that guy’s neighbor asked him, “Bro? Do you need some help?” And his reply was, “No, I just hate my family.”

Tina laughed at her own joke while Jim’s expression did not seem very pleasant. Tina apologized afterwards and suggested that he should spend more time with his wife and son.

Right now his mind is still stuck on yesterday’s dream. It was so real! As if he had a different life with Tina. Why did he have this dream? Does he think about her subconsciously? Is it possible that in another parallel reality Tina and him are together? He never believed in parallel realities, nor he ever payed enough attention to his dreams. He got lost in thoughts…

Jim was never actually a romantic kind of a guy. He does not recall having the same kind of emotion for someone else which he felt for Tina in that dream. There was a certain kind of warmth and passion in it which probably couples have for each other when they are together for many years!

Jim’s wife called him inside and he got himself back to the present reality.

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