Thought of The Night-Donald Trump


10:28 PM

I was born intuitive and I always had a very sharp observation skill. But over all these years a lot of things have changed. Because of my professional skills I have also become heavily analytical. By nature my instinct says something, but because I am an engineer I still tend to over-analyze the situation and later come to the same conclusion with my initial instinct. We are all instinctive and we perhaps all had these kind of experiences where we stopped listening to our gut feeling.

Now-a-days I pay more attention to my instinct. I am still a very rational person and I won’t stop analyzing anything. But because my intuition has a higher track record of giving the accurate signals, now-a-days I just listen to it first.

For example, from the beginning of this election year I had a bad feeling, I did not like any of the candidates enough. I am an American and I am talking about 2016 presidential election. The day before the election I had a horrible feeling. I mean very bad. Almost all day I could not stop thinking that Trump is winning and people will be openly vile to each other (I am talking about both Clinton and Trump supporters). Negative thought kept building up inside my head and imaginary bad situations kept popping up where people are fighting to each other. I felt physically tired as well. I was going to the bathroom and I heard an old employee saying to someone, “So Trump will be sworn into the office on …. (date).” I first thought I was hearing it wrong because he was so sure of himself. He claimed that with such confidence! I need to mention, I live in San Diego, California (a blue state) and people are not openly verbalizing their support for Trump because that can directly label them as racists, bigots, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes etc. I know not all Trump supporters are like that but that is the stereotype now. San Diego is a very vibrant, peppy and liberal kind of place where these kind of behaviors are unthinkable (at least publicly).

On the day of the election I was back to being normal. If my head is blank that means I am stress free. My head was not completely blank but perhaps I was ignoring those bad signals. And then the surprising result comes! Well, we all have been in some sort of bubbles this year. We denied to believe it but the signs were in front of us. I already discussed months ago with co-workers why Trump might win. And now those early symptoms did match with the result.

Voting is our right as a citizen and we can vote who we want. I have no problem with that, I respect everyone’s decision. I just gave you an example of my intuitiveness. Now if you are going to ask me what is my intuition about Trump as a president?

Well, my take is based more on logic than intuition. Yeah, dah! We, non Trump supporters have very low expectations of him. But those supporters who cannot wait when Trump will be as vicious as he claimed towards certain groups of people, you guys will be disappointed. Because within 4-8 years you cannot make that much drastic changes in law and policies, you will be within “checks and balances” as an US president. In fact, people who voted for him for those very same reasons will be the first in line to be mad and angry at him. Because he used brilliant publicity stunt to tap into general American public’s fear to win this election. But he neither will be a superhero president nor he would be a super villain one. His tax cuts and job increasing policies (if not exaggerated and actually implemented) can be helpful to all Americans. But the fear is not about Trump, the fear is about the Trump supporters and non supporters.  We get mad because we either fear of losing something or we think we won’t get something at all. Trump supporters are already attacking minorities and Muslims saying, why they don’t leave the country. And non supporters are over-reacting in fear even before some of them are attacked. Calm down folks! With his choice of words, he encouraged polarity in the society. People all these years were probably hiding behind a sober masks (the kind of face that we show it at work place and outside) but now they are out hating each other-being openly racists, sexists and bigots. Trump won’t destroy us but the kind of non-American vile behavior that he encouraged, can. We need to remember what makes America great. This is the land of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Who are we to judge really? Except for native Americans, everyone came here from somewhere, for a better life.

Now read this interesting Q&A topic on Quora, some of the answers (not all) are really insightful, specially what Yona and Mike wrote:

Is Donald Trump’s win as a president of the US, an “indicator” of the world’s demise?



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