Was Billy Meier hoaxed by some German blondes?

Although I write on a variety of topics, seems like my most viewed post in this blog is Dolores Barrios- Alien Woman!?

You guys love weird posts about alleged aliens/ETs and their contactees/abductees. Don’t you? In that article I said I would write about people like Billy Meier (click this link to read the long Wikipedia post about him if you never have heard of him).

So without any further ado, I will get right into my opinion. So IMO Billy Meier was a con artist. Check this source: Alleged UFO Contactee Billy Meier. He stole some magazine pictures of a couple of blonde models and passed them as Pleiadians. His supporter says, he took “countless” clear pictures and videos to prove his claims but I keep seeing those ugly photos of metal plates used as miniature models and some blurry photos of some blonde females looking like star trek characters with 60’s hairstyle and makeup.

Did you guys ever think that why the UFO pictures from self-proclaimed contactees from 50’s-70’s look like some old piece of metal while the new generation alleged UFOs look modern and sleek? Because these are figments of their imagination. People in the 50’s till 70’s did not have any idea how a futuristic UFO vehicle might look like, so they tried their level best to match up to their imagination.

Billy Meiers might just be an ordinary farmer with no reputable educational background, but he is imaginative enough to make and set all these up – to make his boring farming life a bit more colorful. He spent time on creating these photographs and videos with fake miniature models of objects. His wife later claimed that.

Now if you are still going to ask, how about the video clips that show spaceships disappearing and appearing out of nowhere? Well, it is not hard to come up with small flying disk circulating around with an RC remote control and add some video editing tricks to it which existed during that time. I am not saying Billy himself did that (although he might). He probably had a whole team dedicated to that. Germans have been technologically advanced even long before. Who knows, probably some of his smart ass German/Swiss friends helped him con people or they pranked him and laughed hard behind his back?

And if you are talking about some of the Pleiadian predictions being fulfilled in recent times like environmental damage, war and terror etc., why is that always “after” some events take place we hear who predicted these things correctly but not “before”? What I am saying that these claims were added later, more recently. And no one wondered, if he really traveled in the past and future with those aliens in their “beamships”, why he did not get a decent HD camera to take pictures (forget about getting an iphone)?

What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Was Billy Meier hoaxed by some German blondes?”

  1. I urge you to have a look at Meiers alien space ships. Anyone who has some knowledge of editing 8mm/16mm/35mm films, will INSTANTLY know that this man is a fraud! It`s very easy to spot! His car/tree models are also very easy to spot because they are all proportionally wrong and extremely out of focus!

    First he films one shot with his badly made `spaceships`, and then one shot without but both with the exact same aspect ratio, within the same frame. When his spaceships disappear and re–appear, (seemingly in the same frame), its just a simple cut in the first processed film with the UFO, and then he merges the other film without UFOs into the first film with a splice of tape! (If its not a good cut and splice, you`ll get the blackish blurr you see in his films just a 1/4 sec. before his spaceships re-appear and 1/4 sec. after they disappear). BUT WORST OF ALL in many of his films, you can see the clouds have moved/jumped approx. 10-15 min. when his UFO`s appear again and the branches suddenly stop moving. Check it out and you see what I mean. My kid is able to detect such a badly concocted and simple fraud! Luckily his films are digitized for folks to see and evaluate 🙂 Meier got confronted with this after a TV show/documentary in the late 80`s where some of his films where shown and he was asked to hand over the films for investigation…. guess what, the films got suddenly stolen just after he got the request!

    His crown jewel is his film where he shows a gun he supposedly got from the aliens and shoots a hole in a tree! Of course you NEVER see him fire it on camera… You got to check that one out.The gun looks very much like 2-3 plastic sparker toy guns glued together with a red plastic barrel! This is a man crying for attention and some money! A so called attention whore. I mean seriously, dinosaurs (Pterodactyl) out of a book drawn by Czech artist Zdenek Burian, dummy arm with an alien gun and the famous picture of Asket and Nera which was debunked as the dancers of the Dean Martin show called the Gold Diggers, featuring Michelle DeLa Fave. (That specific picture is truly a badly made scam, out of this world)

    The majority just feels sorry for you guys believing this rubbish! But we have to respond to your continuous spread of his hoax! Meier and Horn are a slippery pair of prophecy scammers. 

    UFO`s and paranormal activity is a quite exciting topic, but Billy Meier is a fraud all the way! You seriously got to look into yourself if you believe this man…For those of you who believe in his `compilations of different texts and spiritual guidelines’ he has found in books, re-wrote, and transformed into a dialogue with aliens are the ones who will drink the kool aid with no questions asked. Good luck!


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