Dream- A New Beginning (Part 4)

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Tina moved out of Jim’s life and a lot of things have changed. His brother died in an accident. His workplace was not the same without Tina. People who are in the same rank as him were playing politics for promotion. Jim is a simple man, he is a man of getting things done. He thought his hard work was enough to get him promoted but it was not. Finally he decided to quit that job and soon got another job offer with a much higher pay but not as prestigious as the previous one.

In the middle of one night, he woke up from his sleep. He was sobbing with tears,his wife was asking him what happened and if he had any bad dreams? He never felt such strong emotions in a dream. As if the world in his dream was breaking apart. And that was probably the last dream with Tina. His dream problem stopped afterwards. He misses Tina and he misses those dreams.

Jim saw in his dream, Tina and him both had a baby boy who died in fever. Tina was crying and blaming herself, the grief was unbearable. In real life, he has a son too and he cannot imagine losing him.

Jim keeps thinking why the dream had such a tragic end?

 Tina joined her new department within the same company. She has been placed in the best group. This group is full of young and talented people, just like her. Her current project lead and department head are also great. This is a go-getter team and first time in a long while Tina feels content.

Despite of the awesomeness Tina felt very lonely for the first few weeks. She missed Jim a lot. Then one night she woke up from her dream. The only thing she remembers is that she was crying with a very heavy heart. Someone probably died. But if both Jim and Tina were alive in that dream who could possibly die?

For whatever weird reason afterwards, Tina felt like Jim had left that job. She does not have any contacts with Jim now. She could not go back to sleep and checked Jim’s Linkedin profile on her phone. And yes! Jim joined a new company! How did that happen? Tina is very intuitive since her childhood but this was probably a pure coincidence.

After that night she completely stopped having dreams about Jim.

She still feels a bit guilty inside because a completely new problem has emerged and at first she did not realize that it is a problem. There is a very reserved young gentleman in her current team who works individually most of the time and who is completely absorbed in his work. His name is Jack. He is very brilliant, very reserved and nonchalant. He is sort of like the typical nerdy engineer character taken out from the TV series.  He pretty much wears the same outfit everyday. That same pale green hoodie, faded trouser and a pale green wrinkled shirt. Everything is double of his size. He is tall and has a big structure. But seems like he is putting effort in  losing weight gradually but not buying his new sized clothes just yet. Tina herself is an INTJ-A, very typical MB-TI profile for engineers/scientists and even rare among women (like 0.08%). But Tina thinks, this guy is a bit more extreme on the spectrum.

But there is something about him. He has a very sophisticated, gentle face. Even with his shabbiness he is quite handsome and elegant. For the first few weeks, besides the initial hi and hello Tina did not get to talk to him as much as she did to the other guys.

When Tina asks for help everyone else helps her going through the process of whatever she is doing. But once in a while when Tina asked Jack about something, he did not do that. Instead, he gave a very precise overview of the things that Tina needs to do.

Tina started observing this guy more recently, when she found him starring at her quite frequently during work. Soon she figured out, although this guy appears very detached and distant, he keeps an eye on every single detail about everything. Whether it is about work, or surroundings or the people. Tina has a great sense of humor and giggles quite frequently. Tina noticed when she laughs with other people, Jack also smiles; although he never jokes around or participates in those conversations. Tina thinks Jack is very sensitive and he picks up on the vibe of his surroundings very easily.

Another very fun thing Tina noticed that when she looks great, even the most introvert guy like Jack greets her nicely. Tina finds that kind of similar to Jim. In fact she thinks that all straight men are the same. No matter how reserved or shy they are-they notice when a girl looks nice. Jim had different tastes. Jack’s tastes are different as well. He does not like red lipstick like Jim. He likes red or orange colors on Tina with minimal makeup and when she leaves her long hair open. How does Tina know? Because every time Tina wears something in those hues and looks great-Jack says hi with a smile and talks to her looking straight in the eyes while maintaining that pleasant smile. He acts like as if he is very interested in Tina’s progress. Either he is always interested or he acts upon his reflexes in those moments.

Soon Tina came to a point when she needs to work more with Jack. How does one collaborate with a person who is used to working on his own? Who neither gets help nor helps that much?

Tina finds herself in a new dilemma. No, the issue is not working with Jack. The new issue is that Tina has started to like Jack. That’s because there is more than the eyes meet. But Jack has a ring on his left ring finger. Tina asks herself, why does she end up liking married men always? Why does it feel like Jack is not married? That could be a promise ring. But that does not matter-as a ring on that finger defines engagement.

Tina has not reached at a point when she can freely ask questions about Jake’s relationship statues. Jack is so inhibited and private that it is unlikely they will ever have this type of personal conversation outside of work.

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