Dream- A New Horizon (Part 5)

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Jack is standing under the big fig tree. Today is very breezy and partly cloudy. The only thing one can see as a landmark from a long distance is that tree. The whole area is filled with kans grass, blowing in the strong wind.

Jack is waiting very patiently. It feels like an eternity. Who is he waiting for really?

A girl with long hair is seen running towards Jack from a far distance. She is trying to manage her long hair and long yellow dress in the wind while trying to run hurriedly. When she got closer to Jack she hugged him tightly. They spent a moment closing their eyes hugging each other. Then Jack kissed on the girl’s forehead.

Jack just woke up from his nap. He never takes a nap during the afternoon. Today is Sunday and after some household chores he felt tired.

Jack thought to himself- “Wow that is some vivid dream. Isn’t that girl the one from work?” He seemed in doubt whether it was a dream or was it really happening? Jack does not dream very often during night. Once in a while when he did dream, he was contemplating about those things before going to bed. So he thinks that dreams are the reflection of our subconscious thoughts.

Has he been thinking about Tina lately? He noticed that she is beautiful and smart. But that’s pretty much it. He is not in any deep romantic thoughts about her. But where did that dream come from? The landscape in the dream was very clear, even the wind, the tree and the flowers and grass. He remembers very clearly what he was wearing- a white t-shirt with stripes and a jeans. Tina was wearing a mustard color long flowing dress. Her brown silky hair was flowing on one side. Is her hair brown or black? Jack felt a bit skinnier in the dream, although he has a bit of weight in real life. He remembers Tina’s scent and the moment when he bowed down to kiss her forehead. That was really sweet!

Today is Monday. Tina is standing nearby Jack, troubleshooting something while Jack is starring at her. He is recalling that dream from yesterday. Tina looked at him and smiled. Jack felt a bit embarrassed and looked away. He does not want Tina to know about this. He will try his level best to ignore her next time.

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