Dream- A New Perspective (Part 6)

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Is parallel reality a real thing? Or is it just Tina’s subconscious mind creating lucid dreams? But in lucid dream one is aware that he/she is dreaming. But when Tina has those dreams she is not aware that she is dreaming, neither she feels she is in control. It feels more real than the reality.

Being a hard science major such as engineering, Tina had always doubted theoretical metaphysics topics like parallel universe. She had experienced lucid dreams in the past and she knows dreams are probably reflection of the subconscious. But to what extent? She did think about Jim, so probably she had those dreams with him. But what about Jack?

She is having vivid dreams with him and all she ever did was noticing him checking her out. Today she woke up from a dream with Jack and she is writing about her experience in her diary. She keeps a daily journal. Today’s account reads something like this-

” We were sitting on a stone bench on top of a roof. It was a beautiful time of sunset. Jack was sitting next to me. The landscape seemed foreign. I saw some structures nearby which look like minarets and busy narrow streets with a lot of people there. Pegions were flying on top of our head. Wind was playing through my long hair and my eyes were set on Jack’s face who was looking at me with a gentle smile. He looked so much handsome and poised-much more than in real life. We were wearing what looks like South East Asian/Indian outfits. Part of my ancestry is from Indian sub-continent. I have never been there but I have seen men and women wearing similar clothes.

I asked him, “how many more days do we have to wait? I cannot wait any longer.”

And he replied, “I don’t know.”

I said, “I cannot do without you. Take me wherever you will go.”

I felt pain and longing as I finished the sentence. What the heck where we talking about? And as I said this, he touched my cheek with one of his hands and his eyes became deep with thoughts.

The dream broke at this point…

Previously I had this type of dreams with Jim. I saw Italian backdrop then. I have never been to Italy or Europe and I have never been to India. Nor I am very familiar with the life style and cultures there. How did my mind create those detailed dreams? Where does those strong emotions come from? I got over Jim pretty soon I joined the new department and I am not even very attached with Jack just yet. I just noticed he is a good guy who happens to notice me quite often.

Do Jim or Jack have these kind of dreams? Do we have infinite parallel realities where all possible relationships with each of the surrounding people are happening?”

To be Continued…


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