Thought of The Night- Infatuation


8:14 PM


I cannot believe this. I am so tired that I am writing this post with my fingers on the phone while lying in bed. It is a bit early but I already finished dinner and am ready to sleep. Tomorrow hopefully I will have another new day at work.

Anyway, who knows the difference between love and infatuation? I once heard that if you cannot forget a person even after 4 months of distance then it is love and not infatuation.

According to that 4 months theory I probably never had really fallen in love but had been infatuated many times in my life. Infact I had it so often that I laugh at myself for my temporary feelings for a few particular people. Now that I think about it it feels like they were not worth it. But when I thought I was in love, during that moment it felt very deep.

Or perhaps because I am an INTJ female it is really easy for me to get over someone after some period of deep compassion. I live in an eutopia in my head and I believe it is not worth it to live with someone that you don’t love. Yesterday I was reading the biography of another INTJ female- Jane Austen who had written some of the best romantic classics in English literature. But she herself never got married and her reasoning was the same as mine! Love is other wordly and eternal to me. When you meet that person you know deep inside – you have that indescribable connection. I probably had mistaken a few times thinking I might have that special bond with someone. Or is it possible that you could have that heart connection with many people?

What do you think?


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