Dream- A Realization (Part 7)



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Jack acts completely different at different times. This guy probably goes through a lot of mood swing. Or he deliberately tries to hide his emotion and act withdrawn sometimes. Unlike before, Jack and Tina are quiet free with each other. Both work well together. But Tina now-a-days also goes through mood swing. Someday she is all rainbow and sun shine, happy, cheerful and bubbly. Someday she is all serious and mature. And some day she feels confused and withdrawn. Both of them are personally going through some cycles.

Tina’s assumption was right about Jack. He is probably deeply emotional. He sensed that other people get a bit insecure when Jack and Tina work together. So Jack only helps Tina when no-one is around. The following week he comes to Tina with the same expectation of group work, being reminiscent of the good times from last week. He likes to recreate good memories. But Tina, being the dutiful, sincere person that she is cannot leave her tasks at hand. She promises to get back to him. After finishing work she gets back but Jack starts acting distant. The week after that he seems completely detached as if Tina doesn’t exist. But sometimes when Tina does the same to him, he tries to figure out why she is doing that. He is too passive and introvert to frankly ask. He just roams around her and observes what is going on.

Funny thing is, Tina can figure out Jack’s mood the way he walks or passes by her cubicle. When he is walking a bit faster giving a slightly scorn look putting his hands in his pocket, that means that he is in some kind of work stress, he probably needs help and he is trying to figure out what the heck is Tina doing? If he is walking by slowly like a baby with his legs wide spread and looking down innocently, then that means a few thing, either he is just trying to be close to Tina or he just admired whatever work Tina did recently and that is his way of telling he appreciates it.

Another day Tina saw Jack acting completely like a stranger. Later that day during lunch time Tina saw Jack is driving in his car, next to him seems like a woman from far-probably Jack’s wife. Tina has a feeling that Jack’s personal life is going through some ups and downs. He was ignoring Tina this morning because probably he is having a good time with his wife. But someday he doesn’t.. and his mind longs for a partner or friend to share his feelings during those times. Or is it possible that he also dreams those crazy parallel reality dreams!?

Just before a tropical rain the whole place gets a strange smell of wet soil. Right now as Jack is waiting for Tina under the big tree, he is getting that smell. The sky is getting dark with heavy grey clouds. It is 5 pm in summer and it seems super gloomy and dim. But at the same time the whole environment seems very romantic. The grass, trees and the hills at the horizon seems even greener.

Jack heard a thunderstorm and as soon as Tina came close, rain started pouring. Tina is trying to make up for being late. She is looking at Jack straight in the eyes. She got real closer while starring at Jack’s lips. She first kissed his lips softly. Jack took a moment to understand what just happened. He felt the softness and wetness of Tina’s fuller lips. Then he kissed Tina. And then they started smooching madly hugging each other under the tree. No one is around and they don’t care at this point if there is anyone around…

A sudden jerk and Jack just woke up from his dream. It is 2 am and his wife is sleeping next to him. A completely dark room, the clear night sky is seen from the window. There is no traces of rain anywhere. Jack took a moment to realize where is he actually and were he was just a minute ago?

He got up from his bed and went upstairs in his roof top. Tonight is a starry night. Jack has a telescope and chair sitting at a corner. He doesn’t feel like looking at the stars tonight. He is just starring at the sky and his mind is racing.

He just took a deep breathe. What is happening to him? He married his best friend from college. Both of them were very bright students. But they are working in different departments of the same company. Jack often felt like there is probably a difference between loyalty towards a friend and loving a friend. But even though he subconsciously thought about it, he brushed those things off later very quickly. Now there is this really attractive and smart lady at work named Tina. He just feels attracted to her.

First he was severely guilty for thinking like that and tried to erase his feelings for Tina. But then he started to have these really intense dreams. He first thought probably he is attracted towards her and his mind is subconsciously giving him signal through those dreams. But now he is confused and thinks there is probably more to it. It is not just typical heterosexual men’s psych-like finding a beautiful woman attractive and deep down fancying her. But there is something going on. And Jack doesn’t believe in any kind of paranormal or mysterious hokum.

Now he is rethinking his relationship with his wife, with whom he bought a house to start a family a couple of years ago.

To be continued…

Note: I am currently facing “author’s block” with this Dream series.  I might publish the whole series in an eBook format, which means – I won’t be releasing the rest of the parts in this blog anymore. Let me know in the comments below your opinions.


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