Ely (Part 1)

Deep Pink sky with orange hue and a peculiar greenish sun- Ely is quietly coloring with her pastel colors, her pet kitten is cozily sitting next to her looking at the picture and wagging its furry tail. Ely’s mom Jessica entered the room very quietly to see what she is doing. She came and stood next to her.

Jessica asked Ely,

“Why is the sky pink and the sun is green, Ely?”

Ely looked at her mom but didn’t say anything. She kept coloring her drawing.

Ely-full name Elizabeth Warner is a five year old girl with mild autism. She did not talk up until the age of 2, but when she did started talking, she spoke words very clearly just like an adult. She doesn’t play with dolls or talk to other kids. Most of the time she draws picture and for a 5 year old child her drawing and coloring skills seem pretty solid, almost like an adult artist. But she draws very peculiar landscapes most of the time.

Those landscapes sometimes seem very similar to earth but with different colors and sometimes the trees and landmarks are completely off. But regardless, for a five year old child, they are very detailed.

Jessica doesn’t know when or where Ely picked up these skills and exactly how she started. When Ely gets back home, she quietly finishes her homework. Her room is filled with toys but she doesn’t play with them. Jessica bought her more colors and drawing books, since Ely loves drawing and coloring. Jessica collects her daughter’s art work and hopes to do an art exhibition with them some day.

Jessica is a single mom. Her boyfriend left her during her pregnancy and ever since then Jessica got back to her parents’ home. Jessica’s dad died and now her mom, herself and Ely with the cat live in the house. Jessica is working as a nurse full time and also is preparing to go to medical school. She is very busy with her work, MCAT prep and Ely. She doesn’t have any time nor desire right now to see someone for  a new relationship. She thinks Ely is a special child and needs some special attention. And she believes starting a new family with another guy can change that.

Jessica’s life is simple for now. She doesn’t know what the future holds for her….


Ely (Part 2)


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