Ely (Part 2)

If you have not read the first part yet, here it is:

Ely (Part 1)

Ely is sleeping like a baby in her bed, next to her pillow is her curled up fluffy kitten who is also in deep sleep. “This is the most peaceful scene on earth right now,” Jessica thought to herself. She doesn’t feel like waking Ely up but she has to, because Ely has school today and Jessica needs to go to work after dropping her off.

On the way of her school, Jessica is trying to think who does Ely resemble more, her dad or herself. Jessica did not know much about Ely’s dad’s whereabouts. He was a supremely attractive guy with a lot of intelligence and mystery. That’s what got Jessica interested in him in the first place. Ely probably got that mystery part from her dad but who did she get creative genes from?

Jessica and Ely are now sitting in the school principal’s office room to discuss Ely’s progress.

Principal Barbara is now talking to Jessica,

“Your daughter is very bright but she is quiet most of the time, and she does not play with other kids. Today at art class the teacher asked students to draw something with sky and land and your daughter drew this which looks very fascinating.”

Then she showed a drawing with fresh pastel colors in it. She added delightedly,

” Ha ha ha! I have seen other kids coloring dinosaurs purple and orange before.  Kids at this age are very imaginative. Today’s topic was landscape. We found your daughter’s art very interesting. There seems to be two colorful moons in the picture, or may be they are suns. And those tall white looking shapes, are those humans or trees, Ely? Why did you draw two suns by the way?”

Ely replied just like a confident calm adult,

“Well they are not from here. They are from another world.”

Jessica looked at her shocked and Barbara took a pause and asked,

“What do you mean?”

Ely again replied very clearly and maturely,

“Well in other planets there are probably two suns and those white things are mountains and not trees or people.”

Barbara’s eyes got bigger with surprise and then she quickly added with a pseudo smile,

“Oh you read a lot of outer space books. Don’t you? Wow! Ms.Jessica, seems like your daughter knows about binary star systems. That’s very advanced for her age! My undergrad was in Astrophysics and Math, by the way, before I got my teaching credentials.”

Jessica and Ely got out of the principal’s office. Jessica is dropping Ely off at home before she heads back to the hospital. She never bought Ely any books about space neither her mom did. Where did Ely get all these peculiar ideas? She doesn’t know about binary star systems either. She has decided to buy Ely some space science books.

To be continued…


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