Timeline Travelers: A bizarre journey of two alien contactees (Inter-Galactic Saga Book 1) Kindle Edition

“There has been a rumor of “abductions by aliens” going on- in the small village named Lake Town in Missouri. Roma and Bella, two friends in their young adulthood, one day ends up finding some unusual looking beings. They come in contact with these super human like species. But soon Roma and Bella discover themselves to be guinea pigs for these highly intelligent entities. In a tragic event they are forced to escape to a different parallel reality as test subjects via a secret portal laid by these aliens. But coming back to the original reality is not easy, where their parents and loved ones are waiting for them. Will they find their way back home?”

Does this story-line sound cliche? You have to read till the end to find out if it really is. This is a captivating fast paced short read which will leave you asking for more.

Can’t wait to read the whole story? Click the link below to get your copy today, Don’t miss out as this is the first part of the Intergalactic Saga:



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