We Will Meet Again

We will meet again.

We will meet again when the time is right.

And the universe has arranged it’s set-up so the stars align so bright.

I do believe that we crossed our paths for a reason.

We will meet when karma comes to a closed-loop, and God has made his decision.

The hardships of life have swamped me now, and I don’t know about you.

But we will meet again when we are meant to do.

Not sure what will happen then?

Will we hug each other like the long lost friends?

Will we live happily ever after then?

Or will that be again another end?

But have the patience for now, as I am sure when the time is right, we will meet again.

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How Can Our Designs Complete?

How Can Our Designs Match?

I keep hearing that matches are made in heaven.

But it seems like most of us waste our lives with miss-matches,

while our matches might be going through the same agony with someone else.

It would have been better if we were given some broken half birthmarks with intricate and unique designs so that we could search for our other halves easily.

We could post ads everywhere to find the right match for our incomplete designs.

The story of us finding our love could be like those cliche movie scenes where siblings separated at birth are met many years later matching their lockets.

Introducing My Patreon Page

“Ponkti” (পঙক্তি) is not my last name, it is actually my nickname. I just kept it as my last for various personal reasons and one of them is to show that I am a Bengali for those who can recognize.
Just like any proud Bengali parents, my dad nicknamed me Ponkti when I was born, which simply means “lines or quotes of poems”. Bengali people are into literature and poetry. Most of them love giving their children some poetic fancy names.
Fast forward, all these years I became quite the opposite of a poet-an an electrical and electronics engineer. Even in my leisure, I live and breathe everything related to technology and startups, and frequently love to talk about Jungian Cognitive Functions.
I am active on QuoraMedium, and my own personal WordPress blog.
My personal blog is where I write casually about whatever I want without any strings attached. I have been blogging since 2014. I have also been picked as Quora’s one of the top writers in 2018 (for God knows why), and even in real life, I have always been praised for my thoughts, writing, and speech.
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MBTI Type Of Elliot From Mr. Robot

I finished binge-watching Mr.Robot on Amazon Prime all the way from season 1 through season 4 just in a matter of a week. It is a pretty good show, I must say. But one question which got in my mind is what MBTI type Elliot Alderson is? Well, even though I have written MBTI in the title, I would actually elaborate more in terms of Jungian Cognitive Functions on this post.

So spoiler alert (!), as I am about to give away some key points from the storyline. So if you have not watched the show all seasons already, do so before you read this post. So run!

And without any further ado, here we go-

Some people on Quora labeled Elliot as an INTJ.

Both INTJs and INTPs dominate the technical fields and both types are mostly lone wolves. Some of them can have social anxiety. But Cognitive Functions wise, they are vastly different people.

If you wish to learn about Jungian Cognitive Functions, check this answer I wrote on Quora or read my other answers about Jungian Types. You can also ask me questions there.

But let’s get back to the topic.

Well, first of all, he has a Dissociative identity (aka multiple personalities) disorder. So he is perhaps unable to fully utilize his dominant four functions. So even if he is an INTJ, he is not normal.

Out of his two distinctive personalities which co-exist the majority of the time- Elliot (himself) and his ideal parent figure Mr. Robot are INTP and ENTJ respectively. That is the only combo that makes sense to me in terms of cognitive functions. Let me explain to you elaborately:

INTP’s cognitive functions: Ti>Ne>Si>Fe

ENTJ’s cognitive functions: Te>Ni>Se>Fi

So as you can see, ENTJs and INTPs are opposite of each other in terms of cognitive function stacks.

To me, it seems clearly visible that, while his parent figures the imaginary Mr. Robot is the commander in chief, a true competitive go-getter just like an ENTJ should be, Elliot as a child is still quite analytical, hence he is an INTP.

The imaginary Mr. Robot always lectures Elliot about what is practical, at times treats him quite aggressively and even makes important decisions for him or carries out actions (even in his absence of mind). I am not saying that all ENTJs are aggressive like Mr. Robot. But Mr. Robot is too action-oriented to be any other type.

Most INTPs I know are gifted in cybersecurity and computer programming, etc. INTJs are great too, but not in the same way as INTPs are.

INTP’s first two functions are Ti and Ne which enable them to make, break or troubleshoot complex computer security systems.

Also, some fans in Quora and Reddit are saying how he uses Ni, he is a visionary, etc. But what he is using at least as Elliot is Ti. His inner dialogue with himself is Ti focused while what Mr. Robot suggests to him are basically Te (effective actions) out loud.

What this imaginary father-son duo is really good at is deciding what to do and using hacking as a means to get it done, not really at the vision. Because their collective vision as we can learn at different times seems to be proven flawed. Why and how? You have to really watch the show. If I tell you exactly at what point Elliot/Mr. Robots plans/visions seemed flawed and were later tweaked/corrected, then there is no point in watching the show at all. I cannot spoil it that much for you.

Is an INTJ’s vision ever flawed? INTJ’s are Ni- driven. Just like an INTP’s Ti, ENTJ’s Te is on point, an INTJ’s strategic vision is on point too.

Now, towards the end of the show, Krista tells her in his dream that how the mastermind self of Elliot has put the true Elliot in a loop.

Maybe if Elliot’s true self is an INTJ, because of his mental disorder, it has created many different shadow personalities like different windows, which is why his strategy had weaknesses since he even loses memory sometimes.

I know some of you might be thinking that a counter-argument to this is that Elliot is a mentally ill INTJ and his imaginary Mr. Robot is in fact an ENTP (just by going my yin yang father-son duo personality pair logic above). Yes, that is a possibility. But Mr. Robot doesn’t seem very ENTPish, in fact, I thought he is driven for accomplishing goals just like Tyrell Wellick is. Some might label Tyrell as an ENTJ as well, while others as an ISTJ (either way Tyrell is a Te focused achievement-oriented individual).

I read in another blog post that Elliot is an INTJ because of how he tries to discipline himself by putting himself into jail and creating an imaginary facade for a while to get rid of his imaginary Mr. Robot’s personality. But this process at the end doesn’t work! It is the same as if an INTP momentarily tries to frame himself in structure to accomplish something, but in the long run s/he cannot keep up with it since that is not who s/he is ( i.e not a judging type). The only habit which Elliot has autopiloted himself through is hacking almost everyone he comes into contact with to learn their secrets. This part seems like an INTJ thing (since INTJs have a tendency to autopilot through tasks which they believe work for them) but can also be viewed as an INTP Ti-Ne analysis process. Either way, this is a form of defense mechanism for Elliot! Why? Again, TMI. Go watch the show till the end.

If he is an INTJ then his INTJ self might be divided into many different subconscious levels because of his mental health issue.

Do you think an INTJ with ADHD is able to perform at his peak level? Then why would an INTJ with multiple personality disorder be their true INTJ self? Usually, Ne function users are prone to ADHD or multiple personality disorders because Ne function is responsible for the knack of mental exploration. Ne diverges from one point to many possibilities, while Ni converges from many perspectives to one point or a single goal. So while Ne users are prone to ADHD, Ni users (especially INTJ/INFJ) can develop OCD which is quite the opposite of ADHD.

So for now, I would go with “true” Elliot typed as an INTP, and not INTJ.

If you understand Jungian Cognitive Functions- just try to pair the true Elliot and his imaginary guide Mr. Robot as other opposite types which have not been discussed in this blog post.

For example- try to imagine Mr. Robot as an INTJ and Elliot as an ENTP or even ENFP. It doesn’t make sense. You might type Mr. Robot the dad as either INTJ/ENTJ since both are basically intro/extroverted version of each other in terms of cognitive functions, but it doesn’t make sense that Elliot is peppy and spunky like an ENTP/ENFP.

You might say that Elliot might be an INFP (a lost puppy child). INFP is the opposite of ENTJ in terms of letters. But even for a lost puppy child, he seemed pretty on point in terms of logic and skills.

I constantly see him using the Ti function and thinking through everything. So Elliot for me is an INTP. You are welcome to present your argument against mine in the comment section of this post.

Now, who is an INTJ in the show? I think FBI Agent Dipirro is a good example of a female INTJ. She could be an INFJ too, but unlikely. But she is Ni-dominant for sure. The first scene of her breaks out like how she is a lone wolf and secondly, she already connects the dots intuitively ten steps ahead in Romero’s murder scene. She has been correct with her hunches all along. She is alert, honest, driven, and investigative- most of these qualities are INTJ qualities. She also seemed to figure out the entire chain of people behind the five/nine attack and other ongoing E Corp targeted massacre.

If Agent Dipirro or Sherlock Holmes were in Elliot’s place and imagine they had normal mental functions, did they actually have to hack each individual to see what is in their personal records? Or would they already intuitively sense a lot of things about some people?

I am not saying that INTPs have the need to hack someone but INTJs don’t. Both Elliot and Dipirro have problems socializing. But they are dealing with the problems differently using their respective cognitive skills. Over time what worked for Elliot is hacking each person that he comes in contact with because he is not naturally hunch driven. He needs to analyze everything with his Ti. He is mostly lost in his mind due to his disorder. So he auto-piloted himself into certain types of things he normally does, hacking people and when almost getting caught burning any evidence.

If he really is an INTJ though he must have been using his shadow stacks all along since his Ni no longer works well. Since Ni comes with Se in a functional stack. For Ni to work properly one needs to be mindful. So an unhealthy INTJ can be just like him (a confused NT type).

Even the show narrated in a very ADHD (but albeit in a creative) way. The author, as I have read somewhere loosely based on Elliot’s character on his own.

He tied all the loose ends drawing a very detailed picture of the entire narrative. But his writing approach is very similar to how I once learned art in a fine art class. I used to have this hobby sketch/painting class, where the teacher taught me that if I struggle at one point drawing a picture, I should momentarily leave it and come back for it later. And at later attempts, it seemed easier as by now I had gained other perspectives by drawing other parts.

Even if Elliot himself is not an INTJ, the show writer might be a Fi developed INTJ who I am not sure if have had his own personal struggle of mental health issues. Regardless, he did a great job very carefully weaving and crafting the whole story of the show called Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime.

I think the real mastermind here is the show author Sam Esmail. He might be an INTJ, but not Elliot Alderson the protagonist.


Thanks for reading. If you want me to review other shows/movies/videos or type some other characters, feel free to recommend me in the comment section. Also, read some other reviews I had done in the past like GoT.

Image Courtesy: Mr. Robot

Game Of Throne Season Finale Honest Review- (SPOILER ALERT!!)

SPOILER ALERT!! If you did not watch GoT Season Finale or anything at all then STOP reading and go watch them before you proceed.

I planned to write episode by episode review for GoT Season 8. But just as the plot development of this season was so rushed, my review is crammed up and rushed too, because “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

This GIF is basically what the summary of my review, but if you still wish to continue reading then go on. Although I am rambling and venting here there are some good points ahead. Check the highlighted lines at least. You can skip through by episodes but I am talking about things that are related but beyond each episode. So it might be worth the long read.

giphy (1).gif

GoT Season 8, episode 1 & 2. What were they BTW? Oh, Dany felt entitled and Sansa didn’t like her from the beginning. Also, Dany didn’t care about Jon being her nephew, she was more worried about his claim to the  (ugly) iron throne, blah blah, etc. But episode 3 and 5 were complete shockers. And I also read the leak of final episode 6 before it was aired.

So I would talk about episode 3 onward. So without any further ado.

Episode 3: I asked this important question in my previous blog post (link below) already. How TF Arya just jumped out of nowhere at the Night King? I thought there was some hidden theory behind this, but just as the show proceeded afterward, it seems like we had to take things as they were without expecting logic. After all, the showrunners D&D might at one moment thought about bending the law of Physics or expected common logic because it is a fantasy show, but when we could use a few ideal closures from a fantasy series (like the king and queen happy endings), they decided to keep it real instead! I will elaborate more in the next points. But nonetheless, The Battle of Winterfell was beautiful and captivating. Arya is my favorite character and I loved her killing the Night King. But the plot was not well-written, and Jon/Dany seemed kind of useless despite putting their fair share of efforts.

Game Of Thrones- Season 8, Episode 3, and Avengers: End Game- What’s the catch!? SPOILER ALERT!!

Episode 4: There is a very practical conversation between Lord Varys and Tyrion Lannister about the rightful owner of the Iron Thrones, and how men usually have better claims to kingdoms just because they are men claimed by Varys. This argument is fair, although termed by many as sexist, matches the real world scenario. There are many strong female protagonists and as the show ended, you would have noticed that it did not benefit who it was supposed to. So calling the show sexist is at least pointless even though there are many plotholes.

What else?

Cercei chops off Missandei’s head and ticks of Queen Dany really bad. And why not? ‘Cause Cercei is a b*tch. But some of us still took the mother of Dragon’s mercy and kindness for granted a little bit even though Missandei’s last word “Drakarys” was a good hint towards what Dany was about to do.

Episode 5: I was so shocked that I vented right after watching the show on Quora:

What is your review of Game Of Thrones S8E5?

I personally always thought Daenerys Targaryen’s character was slightly over-rated. She put on a philanthropic benevolent mask to get to the point of conquering King’s Landing which she always thought of as the ultimate destiny, but deep down she was really hungry for power. She has Targaryen blood (her daddy was the mad king after all) in her and her previous dialogue from past season about “I will take what is mine with fire and blood” should’ve been a strong cursor. But still, it was just too much to bear just in one episode. Most viewers said they didn’t mind Dany turning into evil showing her true colors, but her “mad queen” character arc in season 8 was very drastic and that is where the main issue lies. Like, I do understand that up to episode 3 or 4, she came out to be too entitled, and always demanding others blind obedience. She turned out to be quite annoying but I already had a sense since season 6 or 7 that for her it was more like a journey than the ultimate destination (i.e ruling the seven kingdoms). But on a scale of 1 through 100% on negativity, if she was 20-30% bad in first three episodes of the season finale, in 4, she became maybe 40% bad and you cannot blame her for that as I am about to describe why, but from 5 she is like 150% rotten evil. Like WTF! Did someone do some magic to her? 

Dany sacrificed too much, she had lost half of her armies in the battle of Winterfell, two dragons, close loyal friends like Jora and later Misseandei because of Cercei and she was turning more and more people into enemies as some people by default disliked her including Sansa. Some people put her on a pedestal as well like Jon and Tyrion because of her display of (albeit tactical and fake) benevolence. And then his lover Jon appeared to be his nephew plus a legitimate claimer of the iron throne. Still, ultimately, she burned down an entire city for no apparent reason, even after clearly winning. This part I cannot accept. She already executed Varys for treason and it was vicious enough. But after the battle was won and when the bell rang, she could’ve taken her Drogon straight in front of Cercei and burn her down. I know the show plotted and hinted everything up to this point that she might snap at the last moment. But it was too much to bear.

I read the article where the show makers saying that Dany felt empty at that point when the bell rang! WoW! What logic! She had been feeling empty for quite some time now and her atrocities could have continued well after the battle was won. But she went full-on displaying her pilot skills and 1 dragon army power burning innocents who were not necessarily disloyal to her and they hated Cercei too.  Cercei already planted wildfire as backup plans, in case Dany’s army broke into the Red Keep. She already thought about killing her innocent civilians while burning the enemy soldiers. But she underestimated that Dany could do far worse.

And yet again Cercei dies a romantic death in her brother-com-lover’s arms. I read that the show makers thought since they came together in this world as twins, they are leaving the world together as well. WoW! Sounds beautiful! But my complaint from GoT from the beginning is- when innocent and great heroic characters die barbaric death, somehow the evil characters die some lame (not so satisfying) death. Like why Joeffrey died by poison!? Her mama Cercei the b*tch, who is one of the nastiest characters could have died being barbecued by Dany’s dragon. But no! Killing Cercei alone is justified since Cercei tested Dany’s patience and executed Missaendei.

There were a few other things in the show like the CleaganeBowl but they were nothing of my interest. And also the appearance of the white horse at the end to take Arya. Who knows perhaps it was Bran trying to help her sister via that horse. I am just disappointed that Dany who had so many accomplishments under her belt had to sabotage her success because she lost her patience at the last moment. Because showrunners remember she is the mad king’s daughter (so she must be mad) and blood speaks louder than the personal character as they didn’t find any other reason why Dany could be denied the seven kingdoms besides just being a female contender (oh wait, that would be typical and sexist). Her father Aerys did not become crazy overnight. A lot of things lead to that point, plus his family’s long lineage of incestual DNA could make him crazy. He became a fan of burning people and things. It seems like Dany just got started with that hobby by burning disloyal Lord Varys alive and on the next, she went down burning millions. BTW completely off-topic, Aerys had similar planning like Cercei with wildfire (read the link).

I thought Dany came out of fire intact with her Dragon babies in the previous season. At that point, she was a superhuman, who should not have been painted as a mere mortal mad evil at the last moment. 

Also, I do understand not all prophecies can come true and some partly come true. But the showrunners threw out most of the prophecies previously depicted in the show from the book out of the window.

Episode 6 (The last one): Probably because I already read the leaks online, this episode seems kinda fair and logical. Which makes sense why some people took episode 5 pretty normally since they knew the entire season 8 plot leaks from the beginning. As if the writers of GoT tried to tie the loose ends for good or bad in this episode. Tyrion gets caught for treason. He indirectly manipulates Jon to kill Dany, and so does Arya warn him because otherwise he would be killed by Dany as a throne contender. And just when poor Dany is about to sit on her coveted throne, she gets into a lovey-dovey conversation with Jon and gets stabbed in the heart. Her Drogon melts the iron throne with fire in grief as if-if his mother cannot keep it, no one can! Fair enough! I thought it was quite intelligent for a dragon! I wish the dragon could use his common sense to not burn so many innocent people in Kings Landing but that would’ve been disloyal to his mother which could cause him death penalty as well.

But Jon just didn’t kill Dany, he verified her twisted sense of fairness before doing so. She is talking about freeing people, yet still, seems dead set on demanding loyalty. Then how is she freeing everybody from the wheel/chain? When she was asked why she burned the entire city, her logic was Cercei underestimated her. Her friend was killed! Sounds legit! She could’ve burned Cercei alone as I said before. But then she added something important, “the world we need won’t be built by men loyal to the world we have”. At this point, it is quite clear that she has been heartless all along and she went too big picture in her head. She didn’t want to verify which civilians were still loyal to Lanisters and which were not. She straight-up burned everything so she can build things from the ground up. Causing massacre is no big deal for her if she has to, even though she freed thousands albeit, in exchange for loyalty, she never flinched to kill anyone who she thought were deserving.

But again Cercei’s wildfire would’ve killed most people if soldiers tried to enter the Red Keep, so if she didn’t do it, Cercei’s planning would do it. Dany is getting all the bad names. But anyway at this point, the show writers tried to make it clear why she must be murdered.

”Bran The Broken” gets to be the king of six kingdoms because The North stays independent and rightfully under queen Sansa’s command. Fair enough even though it made a lot of fans dissatisfied. But even though he is surrounded by advisers/whisperers, he can fact check for himself with his Three-Eyed-Raven superpower vision, plus he is not entitled to the throne and he does not need to. Arya could be a good choice but her hands are tainted with blood. Show writers do not want any kind of murders or wrongdoers in the realm as I suppose because people have had too much of it, although Dany, Arya, Jon all of them were favorite potent contenders. I like how it went down to a Stark kid and coincidentally someone who was pushed out of the window by Jamie. Basically, Bran won the throne doing nothing and sitting on his chair. Bran cannot father an heir as well as pointed out in the show by Sansa and Jon was sent to the wall to be the nights keep even though he seems to leave beyond the wall with wildings and I thought the wall melted down by the frozen dragon. I like how they are trying to keep it as a democracy and diminishing all possibility of an heir from any of the eligible males whether it is Bran or Jon. Even though Jon turned out okay, thanks to his Stark blood, he still has Targaryen blood from dad’s side which can bring more mad off-springs. The showrunners don’t want any of those possibilities at this point. Otherwise, Dany could’ve been killed by Arya using her faceless skills. She wouldn’t get caught and still could escape to the west which she did anyway and Jon could’ve been the king just fine. But the writers don’t want to hurt Arya & Tyrion’s future as both remain intact and get a second (or I forgot to count how many) chance(es). And as I explained, Jon has partial Targaryen blood. At this point any Targaryen means proven madness, no more cities/civilizations need to be burned. Even if he is a good man, his next generation can turn crazy. Jon was not a result of incest as Dany, her brothers and their father Aerys were, even Joeffrey is one such example even though he was a Lannister. I think the book and the show hint towards the abnormalities among children from incestual relationships. Since Dany was dead, Jon at this point didn’t have any chance of having an affair with another Targaryen family member. But what if the Targaryen bloodline itself carries some abnormal genes due to being a unique family tree? If the show makers decide to somehow make another surprise season later, we might see Jon’s bustard popping in the future to claim the heir, even though he is not supposed to father children. But well, you know he is going to have fun with the wildings.

Sansa is the only person I truly am happy for (and I am happy for Ghost reuniting with Jon Snow). I read an article where they were comparing car models with GoT characters. Very funny! And they mentioned Sansa as Tesla model 3- went through production hell and difficulties but still is a fine car and keeps getting better and smarter as it acquires more experience(could not be apter). So Sansa with her regal and fashionable gown looks splendid as a queen in the north. She does look like an updated smarter queen.

After the last episode, I see what the show writers wanted GoT to be. Game of Thrones-where no one ultimately gets the thrones, those who tried very hard hurt themselves. And those who didn’t care, plus a handful of the show writer D&D’s personal favorites are still lives.

Moral of the story: Keep it real and keep your feet on the ground. Don’t act all kind and merciful if you are not and don’t feel entitled to your dreams/positions/power (hinting towards Dany).

Oh! Don’t work hard, work smart! Or do nothing at all (talking about Bran Stark)!

Or maybe the plot twist is Bran went into people’s head and did all these messes so that he gets to be the king. Doesn’t he say he was waiting for this all along or something? Because of the way the Night King was lured towards him and killed suddenly by Arya and how Dany went completely cray-cray without notice burning everything to a crisp- is the only “plausible” explanation in this hurried season that Bran connected with the Night King and possibly went into even Dany’s head. If he can warg into animals, because he is the Three-Eyed Raven now, can he not warg into people? Or maybe he is the one who controlled Drogon burning King’s Landing civilians, otherwise, why did he not warn anyone about this event? Since he can see the future. Now he is about to warg into Dragon’s mind to find out where he is at.

Read it here: Why didn’t Bran warn about Dany?

Bonus: The number of blunders observed- coffee cups, Jaime’s grown hand and plastic bottle underneath Samuel Tarly’s chair. Well, he invented plastic because he was stopped from almost inventing democracy. Just kidding!

Thanks for reading…

Share your thoughts in the comment section.






Subscribe To T-Series Please! And Why Not?

This post had been collecting dust for months in my drafts section. I was thinking about writing on this PewDiePie Vs T-series Youtube Subscription battle fiasco back in December 2018. The reason why I retracted from this a couple of times is that I never wished to make my blogs about entertainments stuff, especially I never wanted to write about PewDiePie.  If you have read my other contents and my avatar description then you will find out that I just casually write here about lame paranormal/metaphysical/intellectual/psychological topics. But my blog name is “My World“, so I guess there is always room for everything.

I do know a few things already before anyone points this out to me-

T-Series is a giant Indian Music label, they are not in direct competition against PewDiePie or anyone. They are just doing their thing, making music, making videos and uploading them in their YouTube Channel. YouTube is one of their many media outlets and only a small portion of their overall income comes from YouTube. The fact that PewDiePie is able to hold his position over them this long is a miracle and not the other way around. It is just that most of the western world didn’t know about T-Series or most of the other Indian music channels up until more recently. So thanks to PewDiePie! Because the more he cries about this subscription race, the more viewership T-Series gets from all over the world.

I know T-Series does not need my help or any individual’s help to promote their music to win this battle. PewDiePie is trying to use any help that he can get. T-Series does not even need to do a fraction of all these if they wish to stay on the top. So good for PewDiePie that people are coming to his rescue – it has become like that ice-bucket challenge type trend.

I also do know that most people are trying to support PewDiePie as an individual content creator against a giant corporation, and since YouTube was predominantly about individual creators. But honestly, if it was about another individual Youtuber (not Logan Paul or his brother or any other racist douches) vs T-Series, I might go with the other person as long as this person created positive contents free of negativity, racial slurs, and other garbage. In that regard, PewDiePie is a f**king scumbag. He showed traits of psycho/sociopathy frequently in his content (I do not know about his childhood background, so cannot narrow it down) with a high level of narcissism.

First of all his contents (even with a lot of added variety) is still pretty bland. It is tiring to see him in his !399 chair playing games or making animated meme review in fake American(ish) Swedish accent, and every once in a while accidentally (!?) blurting racist/sexist/derogatory remarks. I don’t have time to list all the resources here to show what I mean. All the 9 years old armies (Pewd fans) out there, you can easily find out what I am talking about. He is not necessarily that great. I don’t even know why people like him. He is entertaining but not deserving of his current most subscribed Youtuber position.

T-Series or any music label of a similar kind produce high-quality content. They add a variety of entertainment minus all the unintentional (but completely intentional) viciousness of people like PewDiePie. I am not Indian, but I find PewDiePie’s diss track on T-Series very offensive to all Indians (not trying to promote his garbage, hence not linking it). I know, even some Indians on Quora claiming that those lines in the lyrics are sarcasm, blah blah, etc and PewDiePie donated to some Indian charity to show his philanthropic side after dissing T-Series/India. But it seems more like a white dude trying to help some poor people from a third world country because obviously, he is not racist- he just jokes all the time!

I still would not speak about all these as I didn’t care. But finally, I have to break the silence after seeing Elon Musk hosting meme review for PewDiePie! Really!? I have huge respect for Mr. Elon Musk as one of the most innovative serial entrepreneurs of our generation. In fact, I frequently write about him on Quora. But a while ago he was sharing an Indian song From Eros Now on Twitter from The movie Bajirao Mastani. and now he hosted meme review for PewDiePie. I think we have had enough proof of how erratic Elon Musk can be from the year 2018. It could all be part of his business strategies- meaning, he does all these different varieties of stuff for more attention catering all kinds of the public and young generation, or he is going through some kind of mid-life crisis. People might find him dynamic, hip hop and cool- smoking pot on a show, exhibiting his love for anime/comics/game, etc, but I seriously find him childish and unsettling. I think this meme review thing helps his image more than PewDiePie. He is probably not even taking any side but doing this sort of things from a purely promotional point of view- at one point he is targetting Indians showing his love for a Hindi Movie song –spurring speculations about his next business move, at another hand he is hosting meme review targetting the huge 9-year-old army or PewDiePie fans (predominantly younger generation) audience. He wants to keep an image of the most “hip-star hop-star” entrepreneur that ever existed. Nothing is wrong with that, except it is alarming! Elon Musk’s behavior is worrisome. Again I am not linking that video, you can search for it on YouTube if you wish to find it.

But don’t worry, all the 9-year-old armies of PewDiePie! Just because Elon Musk tried to help, it won’t bring any significant boost to PewDiePie’s subscription number. Well, it did for the first few days, but the subscription gap will diminish and T-Series soon will overtake (if God is willing). In other words, this effort of Elon Musk will tank just like his last year’s effort of making an impractical submarine to rescue some cave victims (and you might remember his tacky fiasco with the diver guy calling him a “pedo”). When you do something purely for your own image branding purpose, it at the end helps no one, including yourself. Maybe Elon Musk already realized this truth that PewDiePie will be overtaken but trying to help him can at least make him look good.

So if a guy as busy as Elon Musk (who works 100-120 hours a week saving the world and mankind) can take the time to promote PewDiePie doing meme reviews, then why can’t an ordinary mere mortal like me spare a few spaces on her site to promote T-Series? I love T-Series, I grew up watching T-Series content. I will watch them any day over some gamers. Isn’t it enough for me to promote them? I know they do not need my assistance. But I will still do it. Maybe we can all do it.

Let’s start by sharing one of their recent songs. The beat is sick! I love it. I will share more in the next few posts.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts below.

EDIT: Since I have written this post many things happened following PewDiePie vs T-Series feud. Long story short, T-Series just posted Pitbull feat Guru Randhawa song “Slowly Slowly” which is getting many views. T-Series is getting a lot of international attention. Check out the song below: