Photo Blog: Cal Poly Pomona-My Alma Mater

What’s up Broncos? Anyone out there…?

Cal Poly Pomona is a school which I wanted to attend to get a “hands on” education in engineering. And long story short, I did. Now I am getting the benefit of my hard work, career wise.

This is me. I currently work as an Electronics Engineer for US NAVY-Space & Naval Warfare Command (SPAWAR SSC PAC).

When I moved to Cal Poly Pomona to study a few years ago, I spent about 4 months in the University Village. Then I moved to a place of my own, just within 2 miles of the campus.

Each and everyday that I had attended, I felt grateful for the opportunity that I got. This school is like a hidden gem in the desert. The Cal Poly Pomona Career fairs specially for engineering majors are great resources. I think the Career Office, MEP, SWE, IEEE along with many other student organizations do a great job providing opportunities for networking and employment. I learned it early to organize and promptly respond to school emails which lead me into projects outside classroom experience.

I probably will write more about my experience in future but here are some snaps that I had taken from the campus-

Cal Poly Pomona Zen Garden (was my favorite spot to relax on Campus)

Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Statue

Horses grazing at Cal Poly Pomona

Our iconic CLA building from far at Cal Poly Pomona. The sky is always clear and blue here…

University Plaza at CPP campus

Cal Poly Pomona Rose Garden (another of my favorite spot on campus)

Cal Poly Pomona Kellogg Farm, ready for Fall Pumpkin Patch Festival 2014. This time around the year the field turns orange with pumpkins.

I have many photographs taken on Campus. If you liked what you saw I will post more later.