My Home, Sweet Home- Part 3

By now, I have decorated almost all the interior space of my new home. Next, I will do my backyard. I will post the two guest bedrooms and the study room photos in a separate part.

But today, I have decided to post pictures of my family room. This place was cluttered for months until, more recently, I bought that oversized beautiful sectional couch from Sam’s/Ashely store. I decorated the entire space, keeping the couch in mind. It was a bit impromptu, but now it looks like a boho chic/mountain/Arizona theme room.

Except for that rusty orange rocking chair, rug, wall decor space, cat tree, standing lamp, and bar chairs, all other items are again from Ashley’s Home Store/Sam Lavitz.

I preferred the convenience of proximity to my house, home delivery/assembly options, and the wide selection of their furniture over other stores. I ended up buying around 90-95% of items from them, and this is not a sponsored blog.

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures of this space. My cats are enjoying it, and how about you? What do you think? I may add a tv here later mounted on the wall. But for now, I am okay with it as it is.

My Home, Sweet Home- Part 2

It took a while since I wrote the first part of my new home decor journey because almost all my items this time were on backorders and it took around 4-6 months for some items to finally arrive.

So today, I will talk about how I decorated my master bedroom.

Never have I ever thought that I will buy a white-grey-rusty brown farmhouse-style bedroom set for myself. I almost always exclusively had brown bed sets in my past bedrooms.

I was looking for something exceptional this time. Especially, I was feeling a very old-school, rusty, lady-like vibe.

Except for the desk chair, wing-back chair, rug, and the Samsung tv, the rest were from Ashley/Sam’s Outlet. This post is not endorsed by them.

Following are the pictures of my bedroom. Do let me know how you feel about them:

A panoramic view of my master bedroom during the day
Close up view during the evening
Close up view during day time
A panoramic view of my master bedroom during the evening

My Home, Sweet home! Part-1

My new home’s living+dining room

It’s been almost a year since I have written anything in my blog. I have been really busy with relocation, a new job, and purchasing a brand new home.

Most of my furniture items are on backorder, and they are still coming. But first, I have been able to put together a portion of my living-COM-dining area. Well, my home appraisal report included a map that shows that this space is a living plus dining room. I, initially, however, had planned to make it an extended living room. Then I realized while taking measurements why they called it living and dining and the one next to my kitchen area a “family room.” This space is ample but not big enough to hold a six-seater sofa set and a big sectional (as I planned initially). After a sofa set, it just leaves enough space to place a six-seater dining set. That’s it. Anything more than that would make the room look cluttered (which I hate).

So for my furniture shopping, I heavily relied on Ashley/Sam Lavitz furniture. This blog post is not sponsored by them. Except for the lamps, the side table, coffee tables, and dining table cloth sets (and the home security panel, of course), everything else is from Sam’s/Ashely’s.

I followed a dusty South-West traditional theme.

I may add some decorative curtains and definitely will add a large TV set in this space.

Let me know what you think of this room decoration.

I will post more room pictures as they are done.