Is Dr. Greer a Fraud?

What’up everyone!? Another UFO/ET related post today. Because that’s what you guys love the most here, although I write about other things in my blog as well.

 I do try to include links for references, but my posts are usually not to educate people about something or someone, rather, they are for expressing my own opinions.

*Disclaimer: You don’t have to agree with any of my point of views.

So if you are new in the UFO-logy town and are not familiar with Dr. Greer <– check this guy out.

Now without any further ado, let’s get to the point-

YES! YES! Dr. Greer is in fact a big time FRAUD, who has left his noble medical profession to con people and make money. He is using his professional medical background to make him look like a credible guy to talk about “sciency bull crap” of UFO and Alien Conspiracy Theory. He wants to unfold the alleged government cover ups of UFOs because that will supposedly give us- normal public the access to the clean energy technology brought by aliens many years ago (!) and will end the monopoly of oil/fossil fuel based industry.

But let me tell you something, uncovering the truth is not his agenda. His agenda is to make money off of it.  In fact, he probably laughs in his head when he utters those bull crap imagining how easily he is fooling the uneducated crowd.

He is a fraudulent salesman.

Guys, if you know that making money is your ultimate goal and your true talent lies somewhere else- please don’t cheat yourself and the public with a medical or engineering degree! Don’t put up a show of great public service when you are actually only thinking of making profit for yourself by any means. After all, what is the point!?

That’s all I have to say…


Oh! BTW, Is it just me or does Dr. Greer himself look like a reptilian (if reptilians were real)?

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