Top Writer 2018 on Quora

Quora's top writer 2018.PNG

What’s up everyone!? It’s been a lo-o-o-ng time since I had written something here in this blog, because I am very very busy in real life. This year particularly has been off to a great start. As if I have woken up in a parallel reality where I am my best productive version.

I got a promotion at work, started a new entrepreneurial venture which I am not openly talking about, and this thing at Quora…

I have been an avid writer at Quora since a very long time. And if I remember it correctly, I have been writing since my college sophomore days. Even before, I became one of the Most Viewed Writers in topics related to electrical engineering, computer engineering, academic and college/career advice. These topics are heavily niche based at Quora. Although there are many Q&A from many writers from around the world, the academic/STEM community is not that big compared to the vast majority of the generic topics.

And I never actually cared that I am only focusing on my specific areas and not generating enough likes or popularity. I go to Quora to read other people’s opinion more than I would like to write. I write in a very casual, (sometimes with slapstick humor) and no-nonsense manner. My writing style is very direct, much like how I am as a person in real life.

I do try my level best to provide information and share a new perspective when I find it is necessary. Because I believe that is the true purpose of a knowledge based community like Quora.

The only thing which has changed in the last couple of years is that I have written a lot of answers about Jungian Cognitive Functions/MBTI and particularly about the INTJ personality type being one myself. It is still heavily a niche based area, but Quora has a massive following of INTJ related Q&A.

As of right now, I had almost written a thousand answers on Quora. So it is not clearly stated in the above notice of Quora’s March 2018 Top Writer Email, exactly which of my answers made more contribution. So I won’t take a guess. There are far too many popular writers at Quora who generate thousands of upvotes from one simple answers. My contribution thus might have been the little value I have been trying to add in the STEM and Jungian Quora community.

Sometimes life surprises me with things I have no expectation of. This top writer thing is one of them. I probably won’t subscribe to the NY Times, won’t buy any Quora gear or go to any top writer meetups. But I still take a bit pleasure thinking that I have a top writer badge on my profile for this year.

So I just want to say thanks to the Quora community for selecting me as one of the top writers this year, also to fellow Quorans for reading my answers and the followers for following me.