My Home, Sweet Home- Part 2

It took a while since I wrote the first part of my new home decor journey because almost all my items this time were on backorders and it took around 4-6 months for some items to finally arrive.

So today, I will talk about how I decorated my master bedroom.

Never have I ever thought that I will buy a white-grey-rusty brown farmhouse-style bedroom set for myself. I almost always exclusively had brown bed sets in my past bedrooms.

I was looking for something exceptional this time. Especially, I was feeling a very old-school, rusty, lady-like vibe.

Except for the desk chair, wing-back chair, rug, and the Samsung tv, the rest were from Ashley/Sam’s Outlet. This post is not endorsed by them.

Following are the pictures of my bedroom. Do let me know how you feel about them:

A panoramic view of my master bedroom during the day
Close up view during the evening
Close up view during day time
A panoramic view of my master bedroom during the evening