A Paranormal Halloween

Today is October 27, 2016. That means Halloween is near. Jessica cannot forget last year’s Halloween Party. She usually does not celebrate Halloween. She basically tries to avoid all kinds of social gatherings. She is a typical introvert and a geeky type of person who feels awkward around people.

She is a sophomore in college and lives in a college apartment sharing with three other girls. So her dorm friends took her to a Halloween party. They coaxed her so much that she could not say no.

There were two other girls with her, named Sara and Leena. They were all going to Leena’s cousin’s place for a Halloween costume party. Sara got dressed as Wonder-woman, she seemed kinda provocative. Leena wore a skeleton face-makeup. Jessica decided to dress like Big Bang Theory’s Amy. She figured out this character matched her personality, it was easy to pull it off and she would not feel that awkward.

They arrived at a big house with a large yard very creatively decorated for the occasion. Inside the living and dining room, the party had already started. There were mostly young college people. Jessica went to the backyard of the house and picked a quiet area to sit. There was no one here. She seems to get nervous around people and does not know how to really start a conversation or exactly what to do.

She took her phone out of her purse and found the network service getting really slow. She did not have any data left on her phone to browse the internet. Soon she saw a guy in the backyard. He almost appeared out of nowhere. She was wondering where this person was because she did not see him inside the house. He came close and sat nearby.

He smiled and said, “Hey! I am Mike”.

Jessica with an awkward smile said, “Hi. I am Jessica”. There were a few moments of silence. Jessica then asked, “Do you know the WiFi password by any chance?”

Mike replied, “Nah! I don’t use that…don’t need it.” Then he added, “You should go inside, your friends are waiting.”

Jessica thought to herself, what kind of person doesn’t use WiFi? She noticed Mike is very handsome, but something is kinda odd and creepy about this guy. He is still smiling and staring at her. A very gentle breeze passed and made the whole atmosphere very eerie.

Leena and Sara were calling for Jessica to come inside. She got up to step inside and turned back but did not see Mike there. Strange! She had chills in her spine. When she came inside, she said,” I was asking Mike about WiFi password. He doesn’t know. Do you know Leena?”

Leena squinted her eyebrows and said, “Who is Mike?”

Jessica replied, “That guy in the back yard. He said his name is Mike.”

They entered into the living space where everyone was cheering and being loud. Jessica was about to look for that guy but she noticed a big photo of Mike smiling at one side of the wall. She pointed her finger at the wall and said, “That guy.”

Leena dragged her into the corner. She said, “Oh this Mike is my cousin who died a few years ago. This is his parents’ house. You are kidding me, right? You must have asked for his name from someone. Don’t try to trick me, Jessica !”-Leena and Sara laughed.

Jessica’s jaw dropped. Her hand palms started to sweat and she had goosebumps. She could have sworn that she saw that guy. Did she just see Mike’s ghost? Or did Leena and everyone try to trick her? This must be a joke! She felt really angry all of a sudden and decided to take an Uber to get back to her dorm.

Later she found out that Mike had, in fact, died in an accident.

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